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Diamond Fuji


SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory


Please enjoy “Diamond Fuji,” which can only be seen a few days out of an entire year, from the SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory.


What is “Diamond Fuji”?

It is named as such because of the phenomenon of light shining like a diamond when the sky rises from and sets into the peak of Mt. Fuji, at the moment when the sun and the mountain peak overlap perfectly.

It is an extremely rare sight that can be seen when the weather conditions are good.

From SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory, which has no buildings around it to obscure one’s vision, as long as the weather conditions are right, it is possible to clearly see “Diamond Fuji” at the moment when the sun sets.


[Viewable Period]

November 13th (Tues) to 20th (Tues), 2018

Around 4:10 p.m. to 4:30 pm.

  • The day when the sun sets closest to the mountain peak: estimated to be November 16th (Fri)


[Entry Fee]

Adult 1,200 yen

Student (high school, university, vocational school) 900 yen

Child (elementary and middle school students) 600 yen

Young child (four years old and above) 300 yen


*There is a limit to the observatory space. Please be considerate to the other guests.

*Viewing might not be possible depending on weather conditions.