Event information


Exciting Creatures of the Deep Sea 2019


Sunshine Aquarium


[Dates & Time]

January 12 (Sat.) – March 10 (Sun), 2019

10:00 – 18:00


[Entrance Fee]

Adults (high school students and older) ¥2,200

Children (elementary & junior high school students) ¥1,200

Toddlers (4 years and up) ¥700



We will hold the exhibition “Exciting Creatures of the Deep Sea 2019,” where you can enjoy coming close contact with creatures who live at a depth of a hundred meters in the deep sea.

In addition to a specially built fish tank near the entrance and the deep sea creatures currently exhibited in fish tanks in various parts of the aquarium, creatures collected during a deep sea creature collecting expedition are on display.


Paid event – Exciting Touch

You can touch deep sea creatures at this event, which can be experienced for a limited time only.

Next to the thrill of seeing the strange shapes of deep sea creatures which you usually do not have the chance to see, the cold water of approximately 10 degrees Centigrade will make you shiver as well.

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Annual Passport Issuing Counter


Every day from 12:15 and 15:15 (approximately 30 minutes each time)


¥300 (max. 20 people each time)

[Animals included]

Bathynomus doederleinii (Giant Isopod)

Cervimunida princeps (Squat Lobster)and others

Limited to 15:15 on Wednesdays and Sundays: Myxinidae (Hagfish) can also be touched


”Deep Sea Soup” – sold for three days only!

Extremely popular each year, Deep Sea Soup, made using a broth made from deep sea creatures, is sold for a limited time and in a limited quantity.

[Dates] January 12th (Sat) – 14th (Mon), 2019

[Selling period] 15:00 until closing (last order 30 minutes before closing)

[Price] ¥300 each – limited quantity each day

(Price may vary depending on the deep sea creatures which can be collected)


Original merchandise is also sold!